Welcome to the 2018 Magic Darts

Saturday, August 4

Junior Darts Tour Event #5

Event #5 Champion: Gavin Nicoll 

June 23 and 24

Junior Darts Tour Weekend #2

​​Event #3 Champion: Jamison Merritt

Event #4 Champion: Gavin Nicoll

May 19 and 20
Junior Darts Tour Inaugural Weekend

Event #1 Champion: Conner Zaragosa
Event #2 Champion: Buster Graves

Presented by Shot Darts - Open to players 10-17. See flyer for full details.

Sunday, August 5

Junior Darts Tour FINALS

(Tour top-8 players only)

​2018 Junior Tour Champion: Gavin Nicoll

​Runner-up: Buster Graves
Top-4: Ahmad Leal / Conner Zaragoza